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Parameterized Petri Net Reformulation of the Fuzzy Production System.

Gacovski, Zoran M.; Dimirovski, Georgi M.

In: LNCS 2206: Computational Intelligence - Theory and Applications, pages 229-pp. International Conference, 7th Fuzzy Days Dortmund, Germany, October 1-3, 2001, Proceedings / B. Reusch (Ed.) --- Springer Verlag, September 2001.

Abstract: This work presents an original transformation of an organization level of complex systems and its model based on fuzzified Petri net, with rule-based decision-making and appropriate knowledge base. This modeling is an extension of all previous forms of fuzzy-Petri reasoning algorithm, because fuzzified parameterized Petri-nets proposed here, can be used to generate a high level abstract plan, even in the absence of complete information, which may be mapped into a specific plan at a lower level of the hierarchy. Our parameterized fuzzy-Petri net reformulation is following the original conception of G. N. Saridis and is fuzzy-addition to his Petri net co-ordinative controller. So it has general generic feature.

Keywords: Fuzzy reasoning, parameterized fuzzy-Petri-nets, decision making, knowledge base, organization level, complex systems..

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