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On the Compatibility of Model and Model-Class Transformations.

Gajewsky, Maike; Parisi-Presicce, Francesco

In: LNCS 2267: Recent Trends in Algebraic Development Techniques, pages 109-pp. 15th International Workshop, WADT 2001, Joint with the CoFI WG Meeting, Genova, Italy, April 1-3, 2001. Selected Papers / M. Cerioli, G. Reggio (Eds.) --- Springer Verlag, 2002.

Abstract: The incremental approach to stepwise development of models requires the ability to transform models (by replacing a submodel with another one) and to change the class of models (by adding features previously ignored). In the context of Petri Nets, this paper provides rigorous foundations for model transformations and net class transformations in the framework of high level replacement systems. We define net class transformations between elementary nets, place/transition nets and a new notion of algebraic high level nets and prove, among other results, that the two kinds of transformations are compatible. This is an important results for stepwise software development with Petri nets. The high abstraction level of the results allows an easy adaption to other specification techniques, such as e. g. Algebraic Specifications.

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