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The Petri Net Baukasten: An Overview.

Gajewsky, Meike; Ehrig, Hartmut

In: H. Ehrig, G. Juhás, J. Padberg, G. Rozenberg (Eds.): LNCS 2128: Unifying Petri Nets - Advances in Petri Nets, pages 26-pp. Springer Verlag, December 2001.

Abstract: This paper presents an overview of the Petri Net Baukasten developed by the ''DFG-Forschergruppe PETRINETZ-TECHNOLOGIE'' in Berlin. The Petri Net Baukasten provides a unified presentation with different views on theory, application, and tools of Petri nets: The Expert View, the Application Developer View, and the Tool Developer View. All of these views are related to a Common Base, which comprises Petri net notions in a semiformal description. The relations establish so-called Petri net techniques given by a combination of Petri net types, corresponding methodological procedures, formalizations, and tools from the different views. The Petri Net Baukasten represents the Petri net techniques in a structured and application-oriented way, which yields an application oriented Petri net technology. It bridges the gap between theory, practice and tools for Petri nets. In this paper the basic concepts are summarized.

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