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Methods of Reducing the Number of States and an Improved Reachability Graph in Petri Net Analysis.

Gang, Soo Lee; Chi, Soo Wu

In: Journal of the Korea Information Science Society, Vol. 17, No. 5, pages 520-530. September 1990. In Korean.

Abstract: The authors discuss methods for reducing the number of states and an improved reachability graph in analysing the Petri nets. To reduce the overheads in analysing the Petri nets, reductional methods of original Petri nets and modificational methods of firing rule (eg maximum firing rule) in executing the Petri nets have been proposed by many authors. The authors study the effects of these methods on reducing the complexity in analysing the Petri nets. They propose a new `n-type' reachability graph which is an amendment of well-known `w-type' reachability graph.

Keywords: reachability graph complexity reduction; maximum firing rule; n-type reachability; w-type reachability.

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