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A Timed Petri-Net Model for Fine-Grain Loop Scheduling.

Gao, Guang R.; Yue, Bong Wong; Qi, Ning

In: SIGPLAN Notices, Vol. 26, No. 6; Programming Language Design and Implementation. Proceedings of the ACM Sigplan Conference, 1991, Toronto, CDN, pages 204-218. 1991.

Abstract: The authors use Petri nets to study loop scheduling. The behavior of loops can be modeled by constructing a Petri-net behavior graph which exhibits a repetitive firing sequence known as a cyclic frustum. The paper includes: a) The development of a Petri-net loop called an SDSP-PN. Loops are first translated into a static dataflow software pipeline (SDSP) and then the SDSP is translated into an SDSP-PN. b) A methodology for integrating resource limitations into the model. c) The mechanism of detecting cyclic frustums.

Keywords: timed net (for) loop scheduling; static dataflow software pipeline; single clean execution pipeline; resource limitation; cyclic frustum.

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