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Modelization of a Communication Protocol for CSCW Systems Using Coloured Petri Nets.

Garcia, Eric; Henriet, Julien; Lapayre, Jean-Christophe

In: Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Vol. 3675, pages 14-21. 2005.

Abstract: Concurrency management protocols are implemented over collaborative platforms in order to manage the shared object modifications. We have defined the Chameleon protocol which allows us to obtain a dynamic management of collaborative architecture. Now, we want to use this algorthm over a telemedicine platform within a European project on tele-diagnosis for neurology: TeNeCi. In such a domain, a robust (no errors, no losses...) management of interactions between cooperative members is crucial. Indeed, TeNeCi must provide an efficient and infallible tool to doctors in order to establish a collaborative diagnosis. So, we must validate and prove the Chameleon robustness. Coloured Petri Nets allowed us to correct the Chameleon weaknesses we have discovered during this modeling. Indeed, a time-out and an automatic forwarding mechanisms have been implemented in the first version of our communication protocol. In addition, a timestamp has been added to some messages sent to inactive sites. Finally, a lock mechanism during a particular step has been also implemented in the Chameleon. Due to those results, we have proved that our protocol is robust. Thus, it can be used in medicine applications.

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