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A Boolean Approach to the State Machine Decomposition of Petri Nets with OBDDs.

García-Vallés, F.; Colom, J.M.

In: Procs of the 1995 IEEE International Conference on System, Man and Cybernetics, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, pages 3451-3456. IEEE Computer Society Press, 1995.

Abstract: In this paper we propose the combination of Boolean reasoning and BDD algorithms to represent and manipulate, in a symbolic way, structural objects of a P/T net (like P-subnets, traps, siphons, etc.). We propose a systematic method to compute the Boolean functions representing some structural objects. This method is based on the classical concept of characteristic functions of sets and k-ary relations. We apply the method to the computation of the P-components of a P/T net, but with minor changes can be extended to many other structural objects. An algorithm to compute all minimal coverings corresponding to two statements of the State-Machine Decomposability Problem in P/T nets is presented. Finally, an application example from the field of asynchronous circuit design is shown.

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