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ConC: a Language for Concurrent Programming.

Garg, V.K.; Ramamoorthy, C.V.

In: Computer Languages, Vol. 16, No. 1, pages 5-18. 1991.

Abstract: Present concurrent languages do not support any form of analysis of the communication structure of programs. To support high level specification and analysis of distributed systems, the authors propose two new constructs --- handshake and unit. The handshake construct is a remote procedure call generalized for multiple parties. The unit construct restricts the possible calls to various handshake procedures, and thereby provides a synchronization mechanism. These constructs are part of a formal model called a decomposed Petri net. The current system called ConC (Concurrent C) extends C for concurrent programming.

Keywords: ConC, concurrent C; high-level specification (and) analysis (of) distributed systems; remote procedure call; synchronization mechanism; decomposed net.

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