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Efficient Tools for Analysis and Implementation of Manufacturing Systems Modelled by Petri Net with Objects: a Production Rules Compilation-Based Approach.

Garnousset, H.E.; Farines, J.-M.A.; Cantu, E.

In: IECON'89. Proceedings of the 15th Annual Conference of IEEE Industrial Electronics Society, 1989, Philadelphia, PA, USA; Vol. 3, pages 543-549. New York, NY, USA: IEEE, 1989.

Abstract: An attempt is made to show how well-designed rule-based systems can be used for analysis and implementation of real-time manufacturing systems modeled by a Petri net with objects (PNO). On account of the PNO similarity with rule-based systems, it is shown how translating a PNO specification into an equivalent rule-based program can narrow the gap from a PNO specification to its implementation. It is shown how a rule compilation-based technique can decrease the PNO execution cost by improving the computational efficiency of the rule interpreter. The authors present analysis tools, underlining solutions for invariant searching and state graph generation problems.

Keywords: flexible manufacturing system; net (with objects); production rules; computational efficiency; state graph generation.

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