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Upgraded Petri Net Universal Markup Definition Based on the PNML.

Gasevic, Dragan; Havram, Miroslav

In: InfoM, No. 3-4, pages 1-2002. 37-41. Written in Serbian.

Abstract: In this paper universal markup of upgraded Petri Nets that represent special kind of Petri Nets is presented. Existing solution of universal markup of Petri Nets is based on XML and is called Petri Net Markup Language (PNML). This solution represents general concept that defines structure of XML documents that describe models of different kind of Petri Nets. Universal markup of upgraded Petri Nets derives from recommendation given in definition of PNML. PNML recommends its extensions by specific features of each kind of Petri nets by using object oriented principles. Extensions of PNML with specific features of upgraded Petri Nets are presented with UML in order to be more obvious and more independent from language for definition of XML documents (XML Schema, TREX). Proposed definition has formulated to be suitable for: using by Web services and the transformation to some graphic format used on the Internet.

Keywords: Upgraded Petri nets; PNML; XML Schema; UML Profile.

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