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P3 - Petri Net Educational Software Tool for Hardware Teaching.

Gasevic, Dragan; Devedzic, Vladan; Veselinovic, Nemanja

In: Proceedings of the 10th Workshop Algorithms and Tools for Petri nets, Eichstätt, Germany, pages 111-120. 2003.

Abstract: This paper presents Petri net software tool P3. The P3 is developed for training purposes of Architecture and organization of computers course. It implements Upgraded Petri nets, which are Petri net specific dialect, because those are defined for hardware modeling, especially at register level. The P3 has the following features: graphical modeling interface, interactive simulation by single and parallel (with previous conflict resolution) transition firing, three well-known Petri net analysis tools (Reachability tree, Matrix equations, Matrix invariants), as well as two new analysis tools (Acyclic firing graph, and Firing graph) developed for learning purposes. The special aspect of the P3 is the XML support for model sharing based on the Petri Net Markup Language (PNML), and its extension for the Upgraded Petri nets. Three XSL transformations are developed for transformation of the P3's XML-based models to the formats of other Petri net tools: DaNAMiCS, Renew, and Petri Net Kernel (PNK). Experiences and constraints of this XSLT-based interchange are also given in this paper.

Keywords: Petri nets; education; hardware; Petri net tool; XML.

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