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Non-ambiguous Petri Nets.

Gaujal, Bruno; Haar, Stefan

In: Rapport de Recherche INRIA, No. RR-3691, pages 1-30. May 1999. Available at

Abstract: In this paper, we investigate conditions for non-ambiguous behaviour of a timed Petri net which also contains immediate transitions. Non-ambiguity of the net behaviour means that it is uniquely determined by a given set of control parameters defined in this paper. To this effect, we describe two semantics, that deal with non-determinism in different ways. The first policy, called the limit policy considers immediate transitions as limits of timed transitions. The second policy, called the global priority policy defines a dynamical order among the transitions and fires them along that order. The paper also investigates the advantages, the drawbacks and the relations between those two policies.

Keywords: Timed Petri nets, Semantics, Nondeterminism.

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