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Modeling Multi-View Software Process with Object Petri Nets.

Ge, Jidong; Hu, Hao; Gu, Qing; Lu, Jian

In: Proceedings of the International Conference on Software Engineering Advances, pages 1-41. 2006.

Abstract: PSEE (Process-centered Software Engineering Environment) can manage and monitor software process. Software process modeling language is a core element in PSEE system. Due to the particularity and the complexity, software process model includes multi-views: activity view, product view and role view, which should be considered in modeling software process. Based on the similarity between multi-view software process modeling and object Petri nets, this paper proposes the MOPN-SP-net model which is a multi-view software process model based on multi-object Petri nets. The model includes twolevel models: system net and object net. A multi-view paradigm including activity views and product views is provided. Activity views are described by system nets and product views are described by object nets. MOPN-SP-net includes multi-views of software process model, which is characterized with clearer hierarchy, simpler structure, and more extendibility.

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