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Towards Conservative Reliability Predictions for Real-Time Software. (Final Report.).

Geist, R.; Offutt, A.J.; Harris, F.C.

2/XAD: Report No. N91-16627, pages 1-20 pp.. Clemson Univ. (USA), SC. Dept. of Computer Science, 1991.

Abstract: A method for obtaining numerical estimates of the reliability of N-version, real-time software is proposed. An extended stochastic Petri net is used to represent the synchronization structure of N versions of the software, where dependencies among versions are modeled through correlated sampling of module execution times. The distributions of execution times are derived through an automated generation of test cases. Since these test cases are designed to reveal software errors, the associated execution times are likely to provide a worst case scenario.

Keywords: (conservative) reliability prediction (for) real-time software; extended stochastic net; worst case scenario.

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