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Performance Analysis of Communication Systems: Modeling with Non-Markovian Stochastic Petri Nets.

German, Reinhard

John Wiley and Sons, 456 pages, April 2000. ISBN 0471 49258 2.

Abstract: The field of communication systems is full of complex design questions concerning performance and reliability. Since data traffic and errors occur in a random fashion, stochastic models are used for developing and comparing systems. In particular, stochastic Petri nets have become a popular tool for the description and automatic evaluation of such models. The use of non-Markovian models has become important as they allow more flexibility.

This book provides an exposition of the use of stochastic Petri nets in communication systems engineering. It introduces the reader to the analysis techniques and algorithms used in performance evaluation. Accompanying examples clarify the use of each definition, concept and algorithm.

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