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Experience Gained in Applying Formal Description Techniques to the Design of Complex Real-Time Computing Systems.

Gerrand, P.H.

In: J. Electr. Electron. Eng. Aust., Vol 9, No. 1--2, pages 54-62. March-June 1989.

Abstract: This paper describes insights gained from the experience at Telecom Australia's Research Laboratories in applying formal description techniques to the software engineering of complex telecommunications systems. This motivated the development of Call-State Transition Diagrams. The need for rigorous validation of specifications led to the development of Numerical Petri Nets (NPNs). A computer aid (PROTEAN) has been developed to support NPN modelling and analysis.

Keywords: formal description technique; real-time computing; telecommunication system; call-state transition diagram; validation; numerical net; PROTEAN.

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