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A General Way to Put Time into Petri Nets.

Ghezzi, Carlo; Mandrioli, Dino; Morasca, Sandro; Pezzè, Mauro

In: ACM SIGSOFT Enginneering Notes, Vol. 14, No. 3; Proceedings of the Fifth International Workshop on Software Specification, 1989, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA, pages 60-67. May 1989.

Abstract: Petri nets have been widely used to model concurrent sytems. To do so, a variety of ad-hoc solutions have been proposed in order to allow time to be taken into account. In the paper, the authors survey these proposals and then illustrate a new proposal (TB nets), that unifies and generalizes all previous ones. Next, the authors discuss how these enrichments of the original model can be formally defined. This will be done in terms of a high-level net model, called ER nets. The ability of ER nets to express a variety of behaviors justifies the choice to use them as a kernel formalism of a specification support environment currently being developed by the authors.

Keywords: general high level time net.

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