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Experimental Version of Parallel Programs Translator from Petri Nets to C++.

Golenkov, E.A.; Sokolov, A.S.; Tarasov, G.V.; Kharitonov, D.I.

In: LNCS 2127: Parallel Computing Technologies, pages 226-pp. 6th International Conference, PaCT 2001, Novosibirsk, Russia, September 3-7, 2001, Proceeding / V. Malyshkin (Ed.) --- Springer Verlag, 2001.

Abstract: This article presents first steps in creating intellectual translator from Petri Net notation to C++. For this case Petri Nets have been adopted for programming needs and became capable to include functional programming commands and operators. Properties and operations on Coloured Petri Nets and Compositional Petri Nets were implemented in adopted version of Petri Nets, so that they could use advantages of hierarchical programming and data types. Translation to C++ procedure has been elaborated by a classical scheme: fragmentation, optimization and assembling, - and implemented in an experimental translator from Petri Nets to C++.

Keywords: Parallel systems, distributed systems, Petri Nets, parallel programming, computers clusters, supercomputing..

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