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Finite Petri nets as Models for Recursive Causal Behaviour.

Goltz, U.; Rensink, A.

In: 91: Arbeitspapiere der GMD 604 12. 1991.

Abstract: It has been discussed whether or not there exists a finite Petri net (with unbounded capacities) which models the causal behaviour of the following CCS term: B = (a.nil | b.B) + c.nil. We still show that the answer depends on the chosen notion of behaviour. It was already known that the interleaving behaviour and the branching structure of B can be modelled as long ascausality is not taken into account. We now show that also the causal behaviour of B can be modelled as long as the branching structure is not taken into account.However, it is not possible to represent both causal dependencies and the behaviour with respect to choices between alternatives in a finite net. We prove that there exists no finite Petri net modelling B with respect to both pomset trace equivalent and failure equivalence.

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