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Über die Darstellung von CCS Programmen durch Petrinetze.

Goltz, U.

Gesellschaft für Mathematik und Datenverarbeitung mbH, Sankt Augustin, Berichte der GMD No. 172, 1988. In German.

Abstract: A lot of research is recently being devoted to giving non-interleaving semantics to languages like CCS and CSP, thus combining the aspect of compositionality with a more faithful representation of concurrency like in Petri nets. Here it is shown that a subset of CCS may be represented by finite Petri nets, even in case of recursively generated parallelism. The usual interleaving semantics is retrievable from the net semantics. The semantics is given by defining appropriate composition operations for nets, thus generating inductively a class of nets. It is shown how inductive proof techniques may be applied for this class. Partial order semantics and equivalence notions for labelled nets are discussed.

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