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Petri net based Programmable Fuzzy Controller targeted for distributed control environments.

Gomes, Luis; Steiger-Garcao, Adolfo

In: IFES95, The International Joint Conference= of the Fourth IEEE International Conference on Fuzzy Systems and the Second International Fuzzy Engineering Symposium: Proceedings of FUZZ-IEEE, pages 1427-1434. March 1995.

Abstract: The main purpose of this paper is to present the programmable fuzzy controller (PFC), obtained with a synchronized colored Petri net model. The net model is used as the common formalism to support the integration of different ways of modelling discrete event system control targeted for real time operation. The goal is to integrate, in a common specification, fuzzy control and other forms of rule based approximate reasoning, with other common methodologies to specify discrete event system= control, like state machines and concurrent systems. Support for networking is presented. It is important for the efective use of= the proposed net model to specify control for a network of controller or to= communicate with higher level systems, namely process controllers and monitoring and supervisory stations.

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