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Simulacao de controlades especificados atraves de redes de Petri.

Gomes, Luis; Steiger-Garcao, Adolfo; Barros, Joao P.; Prospero-Luis, P.

In: Proceedings of CONTROLO'94, 1. Encontro Português de Controlo Automatico, pages 225-230. September 1994. In Portuguese.

Abstract: The major goal of the present paper is to present an application for graphical editing and simulation of control specifications. This application is embedded in a framework targeted for the specification of discret event systems control, based on a synchronized coloured Petri net model and with capabilities to produce the low level control program in an automatic way. The application to be presented is used in a set of controller independent procedures in order to edit and simulate the control specification. At last, it will be presented a small example and an overview of the future work.

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