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Verification Oriented Approach to Concurrent Microprogramming with the Language C-MIDDLE.

Gondzio, M.

In: Microprocessing & Microprogramming, Vol. 27, No. 1-5, pages 607-618. August 1989.

Abstract: Digital systems composed of cooperating microprogrammed units are considered. A concurrent microprogramming language C-MIDDLE is proposed; it is an extension of the sequential language MIDDLE. C-MIDDLE has a denotational semantics which constitutes a basis for reasoning about the behavior of concurrent microprograms and their compositions. A Petri-net-based modeling method of C-MIDDLE programs as well as a verification system VECOM are also presented.

Keywords: cooperating microprogrammed units; concurrent microprogramming; C-MIDDLE; denotational semantics; microprogram composition; VECOM.

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