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Analysing a missile simulator with coloured Petri nets.

Gordon, Steven; Billington, Jonathan

In: International Journal on Software Tools for Technology Transfer, Vol. 2, No. 2: Special section on coloured Petri nets, pages 144-159. December 1998. ISSN 1433-2779; available at

Abstract: The operation of a distributed missile engagement simulator is modelled and analysed. The simulator is developed as a testing platform for missile guidance and control algorithms. The simulator uses concurrency and remote execution to enhance performance. Two coloured Petri net models are created, simulated and analysed: an abstract model that specifies the service provided by the simulator to the graphical user interface and user, and a detailed model that describes the functionality of the simulator. It is shown that there are no deadlocks when communicating between components of the simulator and the simulator operates correctly. Also, for a set of input parameters, the detailed model provides the service described by the abstract model.

Keywords: Missile simulator design - Coloured Petri nets - Distributed systems - Simulation - Reachability analysis.

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