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Specifying Occam Programs with High-Level Petri Nets.

Gorton, I.

In: The Transputer in Australia. Proceedings of the 3rd Australian Transputer and OCCAM User Group Conference (ATUOG), 1990, Sydney, Australia, pages 102-111. Amsterdam, The Netherlands: IOS Press, 1990.

Abstract: Place-Transition nets are explained and the example of the Dining Philosophers is developed. The limitations of Place-Transition nets are described, and the Dining Philosophers example is enhanced to illustrate how Coloured Petri nets can be used to overcome these limitations. An example of a Coloured Petri net is then given, and it is shown how occam processes can be developed directly from the properties of the specification. Another example of a message router for a ring network is given.

Keywords: occam program specification (with) high-level net(s); place/transition net; dining philosophers; coloured net; message router; ring network.

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