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Petri net based business process modeling for virtual enterprises.

Gou, H.; Huang, B.; Liu, W.; Ren, S.; Li, Y.

In: Proc. IEEE Int. Conf. on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics (SMC'2000), 8-11 October 2000, Nashville, TN, Vol. 4, pages 3183-3188. 2000.

Abstract: This paper presents the studies on Petri net based business process modeling for virtual enterprises. A virtual enterprise (VE) is a temporary alliance of member enterprises. Generally, a business process consists of a series of logically interrelated activities, to which appropriate resources are assigned. In the virtual enterprise, both the resources and the activities are distributed in multiple member enterprises, while collaborations exist among these distributed activities and resource sharing is often required. Thus, the modeling of business processes in virtual enterprises is a challenging work. Based on petri nets, this paper proposes a business process modeling method for virtual enterprises, which focuses on the two basic elements of the business process: activities and resources, while addressing their distribution and collaboration, which are specific to virtual enterprises.

Keywords: Petri nets, process modeling, virtual enterprises.

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