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Petriweb: A Repository for Petri Nets.

Goud, R.; van Hee, Kees M.; Post, R. D. J.; van der Werf, J. M. E. M.

In: Lecture Notes in Computer Science : Petri Nets and Other Models of Concurrency - ICATPN 2006, Volume 4024, 2006, pages 411-420. 2006. URL:

Abstract: This paper describes Petriweb, a web application for managing collections of Petri nets. When a collection of nets is large or has multiple users, it becomes difficult for users to survey the collection and to find specific nets. Petriweb addresses this issue by supporting arbitrary content-based filtering. Nets can be assigned properties with values of arbitrary types. Properties can be used in searching and are displayed in search results. Their values can be manually assigned by users or derived automatically by applying a tool. This allows server-side integration of Petri net analysis tools. Properties can also define translations to output formats, on which the user can invoke client-side viewers and analyzers. Petriweb supports communities: members submit nets and property definitions, community moderators approve them. The paper discusses Petriweb's features and architecture, and how it relies on the proper application of a common document format for Petri nets, the Petri Net Markup Language (PNML).

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