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Petri Nets Modelling on Transputers with OCCAM 2.

Gourgand, M.; Hill, D.

In: ESS'90, Intelligent Process Control and Scheduling Discrete Event Systems. Proceedings of the European Simulations Systems Conference, 1990, Ghent, Belgium, pages 143-147. Society for Computer Simulation International, 1990.

Abstract: This paper suggests that the OCCAM 2 language is adequate to describe, to manipulate and to execute Petri Nets. The use of the OCCAM 2 language to represent the basic functioning of Petri Nets allows parallel executions on multiprocessors. Three translation techniques between OCCAM 2 and the Petri Nets are presented. The marking graph technique, the data flow technique and the guarded task technique. The guarded task technique appears to be the best compromise for transputer based applications.

Keywords: transputer; OCCAM 2; parallel execution; net simulation; multiprocessor; marked graph; data flow; guarded task.

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