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PROD - A Pr/T-Net Reachability Analysis Tool.

Grönberg, Peter; Tiusanen, Mikko; Varpaaniemi, Kimmo

Helsinki University of Technology, Digital Systems Laboratory, Technical Report B11, 44 pages, June 1993.

Abstract: PROD is a reachability analysis tool for Pr/T-nets. The stubborn set method for reduced state space generation has been implemented in it. PROD also has a rich query language for inspecting the generated state space. PROD is available and free of charge. A UNIX or an MS-DOS version of PROD can be obtained using FTP. A reference manual of PROD is available on request. The corresponding LaTeX files are included in the package that contains the software. This report briefly introduces PROD and demonstrates its usage. Special attention is paid to the query language. The principles of the stubborn set method are also presented.

Keywords: Petri nets, Pr/T-nets, reachability analysis,stubborn set method.

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