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Analysing a process landscape by simulation.

Gruhn, Volker; Wellen, Ursula

In: Journal of Systems and Software 59 (3), pages 333-342. December 2001.

Abstract: One purpose of analysing process models is to identify possible process improvements. Process modelling serves as a precondition for process model analysis. In this paper, we discuss how to model a process landscape at different levels of abstraction in order to do some static analysis. A process landscape consists of a set of hierarchically structured models for (distributed) processes. First we introduce the "Process Landscaping" method, which allows us to simulate different aspects of a complex set of processes. Afterwards, we focus on several simulation requirements and parameters needed to check consistency conditions and to analyse communication aspects of a given software process landscape. An example process landscape describes the development of e-business applications taking place at different locations.

Keywords: Simulation; Process landscaping; Distributed processes; Process modelling language.

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