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Required Extensions of Function Nets for Software Process Control.

Gruhn, Volker; Deiters, Wolfgang

Memo 34, pages 1-41 pp.. Dortmund, Germany: Universität, Fachbereich Informatik, March 1989.

Abstract: Function Nets are high-level timed Petri nets suitable for modelling and simulating characteristics of software systems. The objective is twofold: to motivate Function Nets as a reasonable basis for the explicit modelling of software processes and to discuss some requirements for extensions of the basic Function Nets. These extensions are required to improve the suitability of Function Nets in regard to software process modelling and to augment Function Nets in the direction of ``active nets'' not only usable for modelling and simulating software processes, but for controlling real-world software processes.

Keywords: extended function net (for) software process control; high-level timed net; software simulation; loop scheduling; cyclic frustum; static dataflow software pipeline.

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