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Petri Nets with I/O Function Hybrid Model.

Gu, Tianlong; Gao, Jianchang; Zhou, Chunhui

In: Proc. of 1996 IEEE System, Man and Cybernetics, Vol. 2, pages 848-852. 1996.

Abstract: Intelligent control systems (ICS) are complicated systems which consist of the knowledge-based decision makers (KBDM) and controlled plants. Generally, the knowledge-based decision makers can be modelled as discrete event dynamic systems (DEDS), but controlled plants are continuous variable dynamic systems (CVDS). So, the ICS is a hybrid dynamic systems (HDS) of DEDS interacting with CVDS. If we combine the interface with the controlled plant, then the inputs and outputs of the ``interface + controlled plant'' are events, i.e., the ``interface + controlled plant'' has the I/O DEDS characteristics. So, the entire ICS could be modelled in the unified DEDS frame. Here, we propose a candidate hybrid model of extended Petri nets with I/O function for ICS. A simple example of ICS is also presented to illustrate the modelling approach.

Keywords: Petri nets; Intelligent control; Hybrid system; Discrete event systems.

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