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A prioritized Petri net model and its application in distributed multimedia systems.

Guan, S.U.; Yu, H.Y.; Yang, J.S.

In: IEEE Trans. on Computers, Vol. 47, No. 4, pages 477-481. 1998.

Abstract: The achievement of media synchronization has been dealt with in the Object Composition Petri Net (OCPN) model and the extended OCPN (XOCPN) model. Yet these two models are not enough for synchronization of computers in a distributed environment. This paper proposes a new Petri Net model, prioritized Petri net (P-net). The modeling power and properties of P-nets are analyzed. We apply the P-net model to distributed multimedia synchronization, using our version of Distributed Object Composition Petri Net (DOCPN) model. Using the DOCPN model, we can coordinate operations among distributed computer sites. The scenario is like a conductor conducting an orchestra to perform a symphony.

Keywords: OCPN, Petri nets, distributed multimedia systems, media synchronization.

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