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Execution Time Requirements of Petri Net Programs in a Sun Workstation Environment. (Final Report Feb.--Aug. 90.).

Guha, R.; Bassiouni, M.

Report No. AD--A227 490/0/XAD University of Central Florida, Orlando, USA, 13 pp. pages, September 1990.

Abstract: The study described in this paper was done in the context of a generalized stochastic Petri net GSPN model of a simulation network similar to SIMNET, a distributed system of connected simulators. In this report, the execution time of a stochastic Petri net model of a specific distributed application using Ethernet is used to determine the largest model that can be analyzed on a Sun workstation in a reasonable time.

Keywords: execution time; Sun workstation; generalized stochastic net; SIMNET; connected simulator; ethernet communication network.

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