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Stochastic Petri Nets with Timed and Immediate Transitions.

Haas, Peter J.; Shedler, Gerald S.

In: Commun. Stat., Stochastic Models, Vol. 5, No. 4, pages 563-600. 1989.

Abstract: Formal definition of the marking process of a stochastic Petri net is in terms of a general state space Markov chain. The authors obtain a limit theorem for irreducible marking processes with finite timed marking set. In addition, they provide conditions on the building blocks of a stochastic Petri net under which the marking process is a regenerative process in continuous time with finite cycle length moments. These results establish the regenerative method for simulation analysis in the stochastic Petri net setting.

Keywords: stochastic net; state space Markov chain; limit theorem (for) marking process; regenerative process; simulation analysis.

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