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Development of System Models using Coloured Petri Nets and Fuzzy Systems.

Halgamuge, S.K.; Wimmer, T; Farrington, M.

In: Proc. of the International Symposium on Manufacturing Systems (ISMS'97), 18-21 November 1997, Auckland, New Zealand, pages 214-218. ICSC Academic Press, 1997. ISBN 3-906454-0808.

Abstract: Various known techniques for system modelling have their own advantages and disadvantages. This paper compares two knowledge based modelling techniques: Fuzzy Systems and Coloured Petri Nets, presenting experimental methods of transferring one method to another. The paper also discusses the limitations of those model transformation highlighting the advantages for application in manufacturing systems. The significance of the model translation approach discussed is that the translation occurs without loosing the consistency with the theoretical background of Petri nets.

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