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Neuro-Fuzzy Systems for the Neural Network Perspective.

Halgamuge, S.K.

In: Proc. 4th European Congress on Intelligent Techniques and Software Computing, Aachen, Germany, Sep. 2-5, 1996, Vol. 2, pages 792-799. 1996.

Abstract: The natural development of hybrid techniques causes biases with their roots in different technologies, in this case either in fuzzy systems or in neural networks. The neuro-fuzzy research is discussed in this paper giving examples and emphasising the neural network perspective. Introduction of new fuzzy systems models and the development of new neural learning algorithms could be observed in the development of neuro-fuzzy research. The self-evolving character of those new neural algorithms capable of building the architecture of neuro-fuzzy systems from data, proves to be an useful tool for data analysis and knowledge fusion applications.

Keywords: Neuro-Fuzzy Systems; Self-evoking neural networks; Data Analysis; Modelling; Multiple Shape Basis Functions.

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