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Ein Vorschlag für eine Prototyping-umgebung, orientiert an den Anforderungen offener Systeme.

Hallmann, Matthias

Memo No. 8, Progress Report. Univ. Dortmund, Fachbereich Informatik, July 1986.

Abstract: In this report the authors propose an integrated prototyping method oriented by the requirements of open systems. They introduce a formal requirement language RELOS (Requirement Language for Open Systems) and a prototyping environment PROTOS based on Petri nets. By a catalog of requirements the authors analyse several specification methods for the ability of prototyping. RELOS supports the user and the developer by the concept of scenario definition, the possibility of hierarchical system development and the separation of data and activity description.

Keywords: RELOS; PROTOS; prototyping; scenario definition; predicate/transition net.

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