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Refinement of Open Protocols for Modelling and Analysis of Complex Interactions in Multi-agent Systems.

Hameurlain, Nabil

In: Multi-Agent Systems and Applications III: 3rd International Central and Eastern European Conference on Multi-Agent Systems, CEEMAS 2003, Prague, Czech Republic, June 16-18, 2003. Proceedings, pages 423-pp. Volume 2691 of Lecture Notes in Computer Science, January 2003.

Abstract: This paper proposes to study a refinement of open and concurrent interaction protocols, allowing hierarchical construction of complex interactions in multi-agent systems. The generic approach presented in this paper integrates Petri nets formalism and component based approach. The study of the refinement of the protocols by the principle of component-substitutability has been used to address one of the key issues of component-based software development, consistency: will a component protocol fit or not? This paper provides new results to deal with some protocol engineering issues through the specification and the verification of such protocols.

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