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Experience using Coloured Petri Nets to Model TCP's Connection Management Procedures.

Han, B.; Billington, J.

In: Proc. 5th Workshop and Tutorial on Practical Use of Coloured Petri Nets and the CPN Tools (CPN Workshop 2004), pages 57-76. October; 2004. Aarhus, Denmark.

Abstract: The Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) is the most widely used transport protocol in the Internet, providing a reliable data transfer service to many applications. This paper presents a formal model of TCP connection management using Coloured Petri Nets. The model is created to verify TCP's functional correctness (e.g., the absence of deadlocks and livelocks) rather than its performance properties. This paper also discusses different modelling approaches and issues raised during this process in the hope that it is helpful for others to specify other complex protocols.

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