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Resource Scheduling Scheme for Grid Computing and Its Petri Net Model and Analysis.

Han, Yaojun; Jiang, Changjun; Luo, Xuemei

In: Guihai Chen, Yi Pan, Minyi Guo, Jian Lu (Eds.): Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 3759: Parallel and Distributed Processing and Applications - ISPA 2005 Workshops: ISPA 2005 International Workshops, AEPP, ASTD, BIOS, GCIC, IADS, MASN, SGCA, and WISA, Nanjing, China, November 2-5, 2005., pages 530-539. Springer-Verlag, October 2005. URL:,.

Abstract: The resource scheduling problem becomes complex, as resources are distributed, heterogeneous, dynamic and autonomous. A resource scheduling scheme with three-level for grid computing is proposed in this paper by analyzing present resource scheduling scheme. Petri net is a powerful graphical and mathematics tool for describing the concurrent, asynchronous and dynamic events. This paper models and analyzes the resource scheduling scheme of grid computing using hierarchical Petri net. Different Petri net models for resource scheduling of different layers are given in this paper. Petri model for different layer has different behavior, which represents heterogeneous and autonomous features of grid computing resources. Finally, we get some important results such as throughput, load balance and makespan on resource scheduling by analyzing reachability of Petri nets.

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