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Mobile Agents Behaviours: From Declarative Specifications to Implementation.

Hanachi, C.; Hameurlain, N.; Sibertin-Blanc, C.

In: August 1999 / Matthias Klusch, Onn M. Shehory, and Gerhard Weiss (Eds.): Cooperative Information Agents III, Third International Workshop (CIA'99), Uppsala, Sweden, July, pages 1-196pp. Springer Verlag, LNAI 1652, 1999.

Abstract: We propose a method to derive Mobile Agents Behaviours from simple and easy to use declarative specifications. We use for that a manufacturing system route metaphor as a mean to express the mission of a mobile agent. The specification is expressed with a data-model and is automatically transformed into a two-component behaviour: a Task Net expressed with Petri Nets(PN) and an Intelligent PN Interpreter guaranteeing agent autonomy and flexibility.

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