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Optimizing Microprograms for Recurrent Loops on Pipelined Architectures Using Timed Petri Nets.

Hanen, Claire

In: Rozenberg, G.: Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Vol. 424; Advances in Petri Nets 1989, pages 236-261. Berlin, Germany: Springer-Verlag, 1990.

Abstract: Mapping high-level program specifications onto microprogrammable pipelines raises complex scheduling problems. This paper studies the problem of optimizing the throughput of microprograms for recurrent vector loops on a quite general architecture model, taking into account many resource requirements, in particular register allocation. For a given architecture and a given loop specification, it is shown that the feasible microprograms are solutions of a cyclic scheduling problem modelled with a Timed Petri net. A resolution graph that represents the behaviour of the net is built. Critical cycles of this graph are then used to build optimal solutions.

Keywords: microprogram; pipelined architecture; timed net; resource requirement; cyclic scheduling problem.

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