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Optimizing Static Microprogrammable Pipelines: a Timed Petri Net Model.

Hanen, C.; Chretienne, P.; Carlier, J.

In: ICS 87. Proceedings of the Second International Conference on Supercomputing, 1987, San Francisco, CA, USA: Supercomputing'87; Vol. 3, pages 332-402. St.Petersburg, FL, USA: Int. Supercomputing Inst., 1987.

Abstract: The paper presents theoretical tools to solve the scheduling problem associated with the throughput optimisation of a microprogrammable pipeline. The authors present a basic pipeline design, an expression of the entire scheduling problem with timed Petri nets, and they prove its validity. Then they build a bivalued graph from their net, called the resolution graph, and they show how optimal microprograms can be deduced from any critical circuit of this graph.

Keywords: microprogrammable pipeline; timed net; throughput optimisation; scheduling; resolution graph.

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