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Control Synthesis of Petri Nets Based on S-Decreases.

Haoxun, Chen

In: Discrete Event Dynamic Systems, Volume 10, Issue 3, pages 233-249. Kluwer Academic Publishers, July 2000.

Abstract: A method for constructing a controller for a discrete event system modeled by a Petri net is presented in this paper. The control specification of the system is given by a set of linear inequality constraints defined on the marking of the net. The controller that forces the net to obey the constraints is an extended Petri net, which is synthesized based on minimal support S-decreases. The method can deal with general Petri nets with uncontrollable transitions, and then provides a systematic way for synthesizing net-based controllers for discrete event systems.

Keywords: control synthesis; controlled Petri net; discrete event system; forbidden state.

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