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Control of Discrete Event Systems With Their Dynamics And Legal Behavior Specified By Petri Nets.

Haoxun, C.; Baosheng, H.

In: Proceedings of 32nd IEEE Conference on Decision and Control, San Antonio, Texas, USA. 1993.

Abstract: In the paper, we study the supervisory control (event string avoidance control) of discrete event systems (DES's) which physical possible behavior is modelled by an ordinary Petri net and legal behavior is specified by a deterministic labelled Petri net. The advantage of taking a Petri net as the specification of the legal behavior of a DES is that it can both specify the desired interleaving behavior and the concurrent execution constraints of the DES. The problem of the paper is to synthesize a feedback control policy for a DES such that the behavior of the DES under the control of the control policy satisfies a given behavior specification.

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