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Integration of Product and Process Design with Manufacturing Resource Management.

Harhalakis, G.; Lin, C.P.

In: Advances in Manufacturing Systems Integration and Processes; Proceedings of the 15th Conference on Production Res. and Technology, 1989, Berkeley, CA, USA, pages 525-533. January 1990.

Abstract: This paper identifies the application modules that clearly lend themselves to an integrated information flow in a controlled manner. The modeling and analysis are formalized with the use of generalized Petri-Nets. The implementation strategy recognizes the existence of application tools whose characteristics must be retained and subjected to synergism. Hence, a prolog-based database interoperability language enables the user to construct the knowledge-base that controls the system. Extensions of this work include the incorporation of a shop floor control module, to interface with the factory level.

Keywords: product design; process design; manufacturing resource management; integrated information flow; generalized net; prolog-based database interoperability language; knowledge-base; shop floor control module.

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