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Optimisation des programmes de règles à l'aide d'un modèle dérivé des réseaux de Petri.

Harle-Lefebvre, N.

In: Thèse 18.6.91, Université Paris VI. 1991.

Abstract: This thesis presents technics allowing to rewrite a rule program, optimization technics based on the application of the rewriting technics, and a method to rewrite integrity constraints involving deduced relations into integrity constraints which only involve base relations. The context of the study is the RDL1 Deductive D.B.M.S. which results from the integration of the RDL1 language into Sabrina D.B.M.S. The RDL1 language is a production rule language which can be considered as an extension of Datalog with update capabilities. The techniques are studied on the PCN model which is the representation and execution model of RDL1 rule programs. This model derives from predicate transition networks (PrTN). It models both the syntactic and semantic aspects of an RDL1 rule program and permits to express the rewriting technics with graph algorithms. For each technic, it is proven that the program semantics is preserved, and the limits of the application field of the technic is studied. The optimization technics are heuristics relying on four assumptions on the program execution, these assumptions are rule saturation like assumptions. An algorithm is proposed which performs the integrity constraints rewriting.

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