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Towards a Service Creation and Execution Environment Using High-Level Nets for Advanced Telecommunication Systems.

Hasegawa, H.; Kikuchi, N.; Ueda, Y.

In: IEICE Transactions, Vol. E74, No. 10, October 1991, Special Issue on Petri Nets and Discrete Event Systems. 1991.

Abstract: The objective of the Intelligent Network (IN) concept is to rapidly and flexibly add new services without upgrading the complicated switching systems. To realize that concept in the real telecommunication system, the systems must have an environment for the creation of new services and an architecture for execution of those services. This paper proposes an environment for service creation in advanced telecommunication systems such as the IN. The service creation environment provides means to verify the new service specifications and to create executable specification. To facilitate the verification as well as to model the system resources, the service specifications are formally described by means of High-Level nets, Coloured Petri nets (CP-nets).

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