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On resource arc for Petri net modeling of complex resource sharing system.

Hasegawa, K.; Miyagi, P.E.; Santos Filho, D.J.; Takahashi, K.; Ma, L.; Sugisawa, M.

In: Journal of International Robotic Systems Theory and Applications, Vol. 26, No. 3-4, pages 423-437. 1999.

Abstract: PSF-R production flow schema with resources is a novel practical representation for complex resource sharing discrete production systems proposed in this paper. The PFS-R is an augmented version of the PFS which includes correspondences of system resources at each production step. The PFS-R is able to model system structures as well as system behaviors in a more simplified and transparent manner than ordinary Petri net representation. That is, the PFSpR solves an important drawback when actually adopting Petri nets as a design technique for intelligent manufacturing systems. First, the paper introduces the basic elements of PFS-R into hybrid nets and Petri nets, taking into account the net conservativeness. Next, examples of discrete production systems to illustrate the effectiveness of PFS-R are presented. In addition, it is shown, using an example, that the correspondence between resources and production steps in the process flow has a tree structure, which is an effective way to evaluate whether or not the objects designed have a well-defined structure.

Keywords: Petri nets, resource arcs, resource sharing systems.

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